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My name is Linda Cadle, I am searching for my birth mother, which I don't have a name but I do have pictures of her when she was her 20's or 30's. The only vivid memory I have of her is when I was 9 years old, she came to Monterey California to visit me for 1 week at the Prundale Lodge. I remember she had this nickname she would call me, "nut", "that's my nut". Also when she would eat her sunnyside eggs she would try to cut the egg without breaking the yolk. Before my father (CLEVELAND CADLE) had past away he gave me bits and pieces of info about my birth mother. He told me he had two children by her and possible we were twins. Due the Vietnam war the living condition there wouldn't be a place for my sister and I to have good life so my father wanted to bring us both to United States but my mother did not want to let the both of us go so she told my father (Army member) he could take one of us. So I went with my father but later he had try to bring my sister but if was to late ,she past away due to malaria. So I arrived the States in June 29, 1971 passing thur Immirgation and Naturalization in Anchorage, Alaska. They had kept intouch until I was 9 years old that how remember that visit. The last know place she may be is either Texas or San Jose, CA. She had marry Military soldiers who is caucasian and had children by him. If anyone has any info or any other resources that will help me and even if any Vietnam Veteran who knew my father, please email thank you

-- Linda Cadle (, April 24, 2003

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