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Hi, After my second major engine rebuild at my Ducati 748's second major service (!) I'm contemplating trading it in. I'd like something exclusive that retains the sublime handling I'm used to with the Ducati and am eyeing a second-hand MV F4. Not knowing much about the current status of the company I'm wondering what parts availability and delivery times are like in the UK. Is now a good time to buy an MV or should I wait and see what happens with the company over the next year? Thanks.

-- Simon Robbins (, April 23, 2003


well, theres a question. i mean one mans lack of parts and support is anothers exclusivity. Reckon if you go for a 2002 bike (if earlier make sure all work done!) you should have no reliability probs. speak to 3X who are still distributors or local dealer and see what parts they hold, or can source and how quick. I've just had MOT on mine (with no probs) having had it since new and don't think I've ever had a bike so long....and still look at it and think what would/could I change it for!!! though waiting for 1000cc version!! go for it!!

-- fraser butters (, April 24, 2003.

Interesting that! My 748 now resides in my lounge, and a new MV F4S 1+1 Ev02 sits in the garage. I had the 748 since new, always serviced and looked after regardless of expense. Just out of warranty, it went in for an 18k mile service, it needed some top end work which Ducati very generously gave new valves and rockers for (1000 worth) and so my service bill including labour/VAT was a measily 1983!!! I wont forget that very easily. Had the dealer told me that most 748's needed a top end rebuild at around 18k 'because they rev higher' I wouldnt have bought one in the first place. Still you live and learn. In comparison, ive done about 1300 miles on the MV which is lighter, much, much faster, incredibly sharper steering (my biggest problem with the 748) and I'm still very much in the honeymoon period. The MV has given me loads more confidence straight away. My other reasons for swapping from Ducati where that the 999 looks like a nail, the 998/6 was too similar to what I already have and had been replaced by the above mention bike designed in the dark, and generally ducati's have become ten a penny these days. Also the fact that Ducati have upped production and lowered prices several times means that my 748BP that cost 10,500 in '98, has covered 24k miles, has had another 4k spent on it in servicing and nice bits, was apprently worth 3.5k in part-ex for a 998/999. At that price it can stay in the lounge! So in general I felt a bit shafted by them all round. I've almost bought my MV out of spite! My advice, get a EV02 MV or an EV03 is budget allows. I got an imported EV02 new for 10.5k and for 500 got a PDI and 1st service by an MV dealer complete with a UK warranty and Service manual which makes it a UK bike. I test rode a 2000 model F4 and it was flat as a pancake in comparison with the 2002 model. I have already ordered parts from the special parts website with no problems 7-15 days delivery times. Oh and I holed the radiator within 7 days of having the bike and the dealer had one within 2 days. The only slight downside is insurance, the MV is much harder to insure and is two groups higher(17).

Go buy one, have fun.

-- Andy M (, April 24, 2003.

I would direct your attention to the several email strings a few weeks back regarding waiting times for factory parts. Oh, to update everyone involved in that string: My parts finally arrived after three months of waiting....

-- mike (, April 25, 2003.

Further, as to company status, see the discussion directly on point a couple weeks ago regarding a recent Cathcart interview with Castiglioni. The mv website has a link as well. cheers

-- mike (, April 25, 2003.

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