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Anyone going to Laguna Seca on July 11-13? I heard from a friend that if you pay a fee, you can track your own bike between 2 cop cars. Anyone interested?

-- ASpinner (, April 22, 2003


I have never heard that one, been going to WSB for a while. I know there is a parade lap you can pay and do along with several hundred other lunatics. The guys who hang back and do wheelies and try to corner like Corser are enough to keep me off the track. Save your money and do a track day. I do know there is going to be a fair showing of MV's there, a group picture and beers to follow is a must.

-- greg petersen (, April 22, 2003.

The whole entire weekend will cost me 2 Grand (shipping the bike, air ticket, hotel, misc)...still debatting if I want to go....


-- ASpinner (, April 22, 2003.

hi gang

i did it last year with the malcom smith group . i was one of two mvs in the whole place . got lots of attention and a vip parking place . you can't find a better inviroment for the thing we love . WSB is not to be missed . do it , do it , do it ! i hope to be well enough to make it again , still recovering frome a crash . bigbear dave

-- dave wheeler (, April 23, 2003.

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