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After a very short 9 months I need to replace the original Fiamm battery in the MV. I am considering a glass mat type battery. Any recommendations on batteries? Thanks

-- Scott K (, April 20, 2003


I believe that for the F-4 you use a sealed yamaha battery 67.00 at any dealer. There the same#. Bob

-- bob (, April 20, 2003.

Use the sealed Yamaha battery-i believe it is the same physical size,Be very carefull if you go another route,there are lots of tales of leaky battery`s and the damage they do.Have you ever seen an MV that the battery has leaked on?-----YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE THE DAMAGE-- -i have a DMS (Varley)red top on mine,fitted before the Yamaha sealed battery `surfaced`,been on over a year now no problems,but slightly difficult to fit

-- mike tilston (, April 21, 2003.

i have a zx9 battey on mine. no problems fitting.

-- ian h (, April 21, 2003.

What year is the ZX-9?

-- Masis Yeterian (, April 22, 2003.


You've gotta ride that thing, then the battery will stay up, otherwise, stick a battery tender on that trailer queen of yours!=)

In reality, I've heard ALOT of horror stories of batteries exploding, and my bike can't keep a charge, no matter how MUCH I ride it.....(your turn to talk trash, Scott)! Who DOES have the BEST and SAFEST batteries for the F4$ ????

-- val alparaque (, April 22, 2003.

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