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Help! I need the OEM Password for a GE Funac PLC, Having problems with two cars and I'm not able to copy program from ee/flashprom. I have other cars I can copy program from then load into my problem cars. Thanks Joe

-- Joe Wright (, April 19, 2003


Joe - I don't know if this will work - but I have an old FaNUC manual, it says " to enter a new password or change a previously entered password, use the following key sequence CLR SHF 9876 DEL SHF XXXX ENT NXT

Your password (xxxx) can be any numerical value from 0001 to 9999. Value 0000 is equivalent to no password, and all functions will be available if 0000 is used."

To login if there is a password in effect - use CLR SHF 5678 DEL SHF XXXX ENT NXT

(xxxx = password)

maybe someone else will know more - it says to contact GE if you forget the password. On the bright side - only 9999 possibilities to try!

good luck

-- T (, April 19, 2003.

what type, brand of controller?

-- kt (, June 28, 2003.

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