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Just received a copy of the April 9 2003 copy of the UK publication Motor Cycle News. Not the most reliable of publications I agree but this issue features several items about MV. Highlights from the articles include:

The AGO will have the SPR engine

2003 F4 with EVO3 engine is in production now

F4 SPR - due in the UK in late April 2003

Brutale S - due in the UK later this month

F4 Ago - Due in the UK in May 2003

1000cc F4 due next year. This is NOT the F5

SPR engine produces 143 bhp at 13,900 which rises to 146 with free-flowing exhaust and engine management chip which are to be included with the AGO. Standard EVO3 produces 135bhp at 13,500.

MCN interviewed Castiglioni (tabloid verion of Cathcarts interview) and indicated that they have seen the production lines producing MV engines and chassis.

Make of the above what you wish....

-- Duncan Laidlaw (, April 17, 2003


So which do you prefer guys?? UK mags or US mags? UK magazines are cool, Big, with sexy babes, crazy, funny, colourful, gets the news first, and in accurate

US mags are boring, small, monotonous, frienly, Harley, late, but ACCURATE!!!

id better browse the internet instead... you can find the truth in the greenspun forum

-- Darwin Zialcita (, April 19, 2003.

The 1000cc F4 is not the F5? So there will be no F5, but instead a larger-engined F4?

-- Al (, April 21, 2003.

Hello fellow MV riders,

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the naming convention for the MV Agusta F4 750 (S, SPR, Senna, or Oro) is the "F" emblem stands for the company Ferrari who began the design of the engine and the number "4" indicates the number of cylinders. If this holds true, it is unlikely there would be a "F5" because this engine would have 5 cylinders. Instead, the bike with the larger engine will be as Castiglioni mentioned a "F4 Mille" meaning F4 1,000 cc.

Therefore, the MV Agusta doesn't follow a numerical naming concept as the Honda Company uses for their "F" series bike. Interestingly enough, since MV Agusta started creating their bike in 1995 that would mean the name "F4" was to be used by them when Honda's "F3" just came out that same year.

Unfortunately, MV Agusta didn't release the bike until Honda had already used the name "F4" which created some confusion. Fore example, most times we aren't able to tell someone we own a "F4" because they would think of the more popular Honda bike. Instead, we must include "MV Agusta" to clarify.

Just my 2 cents worth, Tony Perez '00 F4S

-- Tony Perez (, April 21, 2003.

You are indeed correct that the F5 would be a five cylinder motorcycle because that is what is being created as we speak!! I have it on good authority from our National Importer who visited the factory some time back and managed to get a ride on the F41000 pre production model which according to all accounts delivered the goods in spades!!!

-- Raul Quixotinez (, June 30, 2003.

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