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Can anyone tell me when SAL and ACL received their first 50ft, single door box cars. Also the logo, and the style od lettering that was used on them?

-- Gerald L. Tinsley (, April 17, 2003


To add to Tom's answers - the ACL 15000-15001 cars were "Unicel" plywood boxcars, class UL-1, built in 1953 and on the roster only a few years. They had the original Gothic boxcar scheme with the words "Atlantic Coast Line" the same size within the round herald. The O-30 class boxcars, series 30000-30499, were built in 1957 and had the updated Gothic scheme where "Atlantic" was smaller than "Coast Line" in the herald, and "Atlantic Coast Line" was also placed over the reporting marks.

Also, according to a builder's photo I have, the SAL 27000-27499 boxcars were delivered in the "Route of Courteous Service" lettering.

-- Larry Goolsby (, April 17, 2003.

ACL - #15000-15001 50ft 6in inside 8ft wide dr, #30000-30499 50ft 6in inside 9ft wide dr. Probably delivered 1955-1956. In service by April 1957. Round herald, standard sans-serif reporting marks.

SAL - #27000-27499 50ft 6in inside 9ft wide dr. Delivered in 1955. Heart herald, large roman SEABOARD.

-- Tom Underwood (, April 17, 2003.

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