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Hello I moved into an old house and I have a sedgwick elevator car and counter weights and what appears to be a geared drum machine in the attic. The car was taken out of the shaft and the cable is laying up next to the drum which is about two feet long and 18inces in Dia. there are two single shievs below the main drum they move from side to side at eaqual distances. I am in the proces of reinstalling the elevator but my main problem in the rigging I have 500lbs worth of counter weights which has a sigle lifting hole and the car has the same as well so to my main point finally does the cable come off hte top of the car and up through the single shieve and the wrap around the main drum several wraps and then off the drum through the other single shieve and down to the counter weights. From what I have read that would seem more like a traction machine then a drum machine. I any one can help me please I would love to hear back from you and also if there is any where I can get parts for this elevator. Than You Aric Davala

-- Aric Davala (, April 16, 2003


A dangerous situation

I read your message and a shudder went through me because this is a basic system. Please for your safety as well as that of your family's, get professional elevator personel to do this job. There is so much that can go wrong so quickly and not just during the construction phase.

I have no doubt that you are capable but you lack the knowledge to make this a safe elevator.

Respectfully Richard

-- Richard (, April 19, 2003.

o no

mate. sometimes even the professionals have trouble putting lifts in and accidents happen. i say this because u r not an expert and r increasing the chances of an unfortunate accident. in most places now u can be held liable if any thing does go wrong with the lift (thats if u get it in and get it to work) if i happens to kill some one they will go back to the manufacturer and that is U! please do not even try to put it in. u r asken for trouble.

-- phil (, April 21, 2003.

FYI, Segwick was bought by Peele Co. Parts are hit/miss.

Sounds like you need a new unit all together if you have no cab. better, safer, and probably cheaper.


-- norm (, April 25, 2003.

I can understand your desire to have the lift operating if for no other reason than to have a lift operating in your house. Please get help doing this project or walk away from it. So many dangers await you and what you described with your ropes is wrong. Dont do it that way.


-- Richard (, April 25, 2003.

Aric, you have a pretty old Segwick and you are asking for trouble to repair it yourself. 500lb C/W and 750LB car make for a terrible accident. There is only one hole because a part is missing and without it you will over stress the ropes. IF you put the wrong kind of ropes on it or do the reshakle wrong you will seriously hurt or worse kill someone. We spend years learning our trade and working with these manufactures to get it right and to keep you safe. Hire a Union shop to fix this right. How much is a life worth? Sedgwick was sold to Robin Morris by Peele. Peele would be smart to tell you the same thing I have. Robin is no longer with us and I don't know if anybody bought the company after his death.

-- Chester (, July 14, 2003.

I'm doing some research on possible relatives. Aric, I will email your directly.

-- Michael J Davala (, August 04, 2003.

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