What is the extent of Ferrari's involvement in the MV engine?

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I have read (and I can't remember where) that Ferrari was involved in the development of the MV engine. Does anyone know to what extent?

-- john milotzky (jmilotzky@wi.rr.com), April 15, 2003


All of Ferrari's engine design assistance was scrapped by MV and went with Goggi's own design.

-- mod (mvf4s@excite.com), April 16, 2003.

My recollection is that Ferrari's involvement was primarily in the head design.

-- DaveB (gdbdj@frontiernet.net), April 15, 2003.

Andrea Goggi who is the engineer who designed the engine is formerly a Ferrari engineer.

-- John Markis (jrmarkis@alaska.net), April 16, 2003.

The Cagiva engine layout was designed by Ferrari, its supposed to be the half of the V engined Ferrari F1 layout. Radial valves was there since the beginning. The engine I guess was made in Maranello and then moved to Ducati,Bologna, and finally in CRC. They must have kept the Ferrari collaboration secret until some spy pictures were exposed then, after that, Mr. Castiglioni and Mr. Ferrari decided to break up. Ive seen that picture in a book by Mick Walker I guess, it is a Cagiva-Ferrari engine tied up in a dyno tester. More primary suggestions are scrapped off like the offset piston layout, oval pistons, "Testata Roviesciata" or reversed cylinder head, a very narrow vee angle, and others. However none of these ideas survived except the radial valve layout. In fact in the late 90's, Ferrari was trying to sue MV for claiming that the engine was totally Andrea Goggi's work! what the hell! Aside from the engine, the was also a Ferrari-MV motorcycle built by a bloke named Kay. it was purely for fun anyway, not as a production bike.

-- Darwin Zialcita (dzaprojects@yahoo.co.uk), April 19, 2003.

I enjoy this, but really was interested in the technical differences in horse power and performance with these innovations compared to other competitors, and why Ferrari is superior.

-- chuck conway (dirtchuck@yahoo.com), April 24, 2003.

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