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I'm currently fighting a claim from Nationwide via Eversheds. It has taken them just under 6 years to contact me! Now, a year later I am no further ahead. Initially they claimed that I owed them ~32k, but later said they would consider 5k when I contested the 32k. It has taken them a year to admit that the 32k was incorrect and it should have been ~10k. Also Eversheds first informed me that they were mandated to accept a minimum of 20% without having to go back to Nationwide but now they are saying that this is not true and refers to a case involving Abbey. They now refuse to advise me of an acceptable figure in settlement of this debt. In short i'm still being messed about! My questions are: a) What should I do next? b) Do you know what Eversheds mandate is with Nationwide? I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks.

-- Erdel Tocher (, April 15, 2003


Judging from what you have said about the original amount owed, them asking for settlements, and then admitting that the amount they want is wrong, it sounds like it could be fraud to me, although I'm no expert. However, it does prove they don't know what they are doing.

Offer them 5% of the 10K i.e. 500 quid. If they refuse it, ask them to take you to court for it.


-- One Angry Mother (, April 16, 2003.

Have you Sarned Eversheds/Nationwide?


-- M Amos (, April 16, 2003.

Eversh*ts are a spineless bunch of t**ts, They came after me with a demand for 53k, told them to provide evidence, then sarned them and the bs, got the info from the BS stating that the account was completely closed with no outstanding debts (MIG payout I guess) Asked Evershits for the information 16, YES 16 Times, then told them that if they didnt respond within 7 days (used their tactics back on them) i would consider the matter closed, and if i received any further communications from them without the info that i had requested that i would counter sue them for harrassment and fraud. Havent heard ANYTHING since March 2002. Hope this helps.

-- John (, April 17, 2003.

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