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Anybody hear about GEN2 Otis. I need a service manual.

-- Ottavio (, April 14, 2003


get a job with Otis....GEN2 is the best machineroomless on the market....with the flat coated belts instead of cables...nothing can come close

-- dayle (, April 15, 2003.

i can E- you some info but it will be in English

-- (, April 16, 2003.

yes dayle but have you heard about the dcss5 units on the Gen 2 in the UK and what Otis are doing about it

-- (, April 16, 2003.

what have you heard...havnt had much trouble here in Australia

-- dayle (, April 17, 2003.

the dcss5 are blowing up within a year or so it's that bad that otis are offering them free to customers who are not on OM contrasts. Also it seems that otis are fitting the siemans door operator, which is cheaper and appears to be very reliable

-- (, April 19, 2003.

Re. the DCSS5 problem. The earlier versions had a couple of known problems which were identified and corrected with a software upgrade and a hardware mod. to eliminate suppression problems. The current version is fairly reliable but doesn't like poorly setup landing/car doors. Also, on cars with two door sets you MUST have the same software version installed on both DCSS5's.

The Gen2 product is not too bad with only a few problems reported with the BRB(from my own experience)plus a lack of any function to lower an empy car stuck at the top level!

-- Frank Spencer (, May 27, 2003.

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