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2 MV Agusta F4 spr 4 sale in Calif. Both bikes are limited additions. 1: red & silver 2002 Mv Agusta F4 SPR (21 miles) mint condition.been storged in custom trail since it arrived from over seas. 2: all gray MV Agusta F4 spr 2002 (1,000 miles) great condition.Both bikes ship from over seas. Frist 2 arrive in US, vin. end 0001 & 0002. $20,000.00 plus or make reasonable offer. contact via email only msartegiani@excite.com

-- nancy artegiani (msartegiani@excite.com), April 13, 2003


Where in Calif are these bikes going to be arriving and when are the delivery dates?

-- ben kifle (ben_kifle@yahoo.com), April 14, 2003.

curious, didn't think that one SPR has rolled off the production line yet....let alone last year! According to the interview with Castiglioni, posted below and also appeared in part last week in the UK in MCN, they start production of the SPR in limited numbers this month.

-- fraser (butters@spreckley.co.uk), April 14, 2003.

The F4 SPR does not yet exist. The SPR production date scheduled for April '03 has been set back until May/June, due to the anniversary of Cagiva and the manufacture of those bikes as a priority. I know this as I have an SPR on order and have had the delivery postponed for at least 1-2 mths. The SPR was originally to be produced in '02 with the Ago, however both were postponed until '03.

-- R Williams (richarwi@smartchat.net.au), April 14, 2003.

The nearest thing to an SPR to come out of MV was the senna SPR, which was originally due out in 2001 but became available 2002, my senna (094 OF 300) has the the uprated SPR engine, RG3 exhaust sytem and eprom chip, additional rear sporkets. The date for the SPR 2003 model appears to be late 2003, for now

-- Martin smith (mail@martinjohnsmith.co.uk), April 28, 2003.

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