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I lived on 13th Street in south Richmond in the 30s and 40s until I entered the Navy in 1944. Is there anyone that lived in this ar this period and can give me any information and pictures of this yard and surrounding area. The yard conneced to the down town freight yard in Richmond via a trestle. My father use to walk across this trestle going to work at the old Tredegar Iron Works. He worked in the Horseshoe and RR Spike mill. He also ran the Cooperage Mill making barrels for these products. This yard was connected to the Southern RR by a sper, near the old Lee Bridge. I also visited the old SRR Yards located just below the ACL, and the Seaboard Yards that connected to the Southern Yards located on the south side of Hull Street. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

ED Goin.

-- Edgar S, Goin (, April 13, 2003

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