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can somebody please advise on a second charge on house We are the victims of an International Fraud (ongoing) and borrowed money to pay these Fraudsters we are now unable to repay at full asking. Central Trust have second charge (Nat West Bank first) We have agreed with all other lenders a repayment plan but Central Trust after advising me that a token payment would prevent drastic action for so long have, after being assured that there debt recovery section would contact me, went ahead and ordered their Solicitors, Cobbetts to obtain repossesion order. We have a solicitor on legal aid but to date Cobbetts advise that they are seeking the order and also demanding higher repayments due to fact that they are accusing us of falsyfiying the Truth (LYING)about the fraud but at present the local area constabulary are preparing a letter of confirmation But how do we in the meantime stop the proceedings(we cannot afford the total repayments and are in fact negotiating lower repayments with other lender (unsecured loans))22,00 outstanding, house value 120,000 approx(valued last July)

-- CHRIS SPURWAY (chrisspurway@blueyonder.co.uk), April 13, 2003

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