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hello to all you fellow pedal pushers in malaysia. my name's eric and i'm trying to make sense of where the klang valley is. i shall be moving to the pj/klang valley in a few weeks (work related) from san diego and am prepping myself by trying to get an overview of the place. was in kl about 1.5 years ago and remember pj's taman jaya lrt station. so if anyone can lend this biker a hand, can you please orient me as to where kv is with reference to the taman jaya station? you've definitely an outstanding site, guys!... i hope i can lug my hardtail and run a hash with your group!

-- eric reyes (, April 12, 2003


Hi Eric Welcome to Malaysia! Whereabouts in Klang Valley will you be based? To find the location of the Taman Jaya LRT station, best you ask anyone of us on the street. Alternatively u can check out these sites:

Avid cyclists ride almost every week and the fav meeting spot is at Bikepro in Taman can definitely make bosom bike buddies by joining them ;)

Hope this helps abit..


-- judogurl (, April 13, 2003.


The "Klang Valley" is a short form for the whole KL/PJ cornubation. It's called so because of its location: all the rivers in the area drain into the Klang river system. Be that as it may, you won't be likely to find "Klang Valley" on any map, since it's not an official (or gazetted) name.

Taman Jaya LRT station is in PJ. PJ is sort of west of KL, in the state of Selangor. Keep going further west for another 20km or so and you'll reach the town of Klang, which is where the Klang river discharges into the Straits of Malacca.

HTH, Joe

-- Joe Adnan (, April 15, 2003.

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