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I'm in need of a better and louder sound than the stock. If you've had the Casoli conversion to the OE pipes please let me know how you feel about it. I like the idea of having the originals back but better and retaining the 'E' mark has got to be frustrating for PC Plod. Please let me know how you like them. Thanks. Mark.

-- Mark G. Czajka (, April 11, 2003



The Senna featured in "Superbike" magazine had been Casoli-ed. I met up and went for a ride with the owner a couple of weeks ago, and he was very pleased with the workmanship.

But be warned - it is seriously loud, much noisier than the usual after-market "race" pipes; at one point I followed close behind and almost fell off my bike when he dropped a couple of gears and gave it a fistfull. My first reaction was "must have", but thinking about it more has made me realise that they are just too attention-grabbing and would announce my arrival to any cop in a 10-mile radius. I don't think that the fact that the E-mark is intact would hold much water!

Note that you will need work done on the fuel injection, so if you go this route make sure it is set up properly on a dyno. Power Commanders are now available for the F4 - visit the MV Owners Club of Great Britain site for details.

-- Senna 026 (, April 14, 2003.

Mark, I had the Casoli conversion done to my bike (a 2000 F4S)last year: result more mid range (less of a hole in the powerband at 4-5K RPM) and a bit more top end. Lots more noise though, but it does sound fantastic. I rode the bike back home (to France) from Casoli and took in a couple of track days. It was great on the track but a bit wearying in town. You will need earplugs for a longer ride and you will get noticed! On balance-worth the money.

Cheers, Patrick

-- Patrick Banfield (, April 25, 2003.

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