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Ok this might be a bit obscure but here goes. I've a 2000 Model F4 which has had a rear hugger fitted by the previous owner. It is carbon fibre (or a bloody good fake) and is a smooth gloss finish with the weave visible and an MV sticker on the back. I don't know but I doubt its a genuine MV part as the sticker is partly falling off and the quality is not that great. It appears to have been glued or bonded on. There is now no chain guard. HOW DO I GET THE BLOODY THING OFF? I removed the bolts but its stuck fast. I'm worried if I force it I'll wreck the fish on the swingarm. Any ideas much appreciated. Sean A.

-- Sean Astley (, April 11, 2003


Try a Hair Dryer to melt the adhesive. DONT BURN IT, just let it heat up until the glue gets gummy. 3M sells an adhesive remover, I think you may be able to get it at home depot or grainger. Good Luck.

-- Rick Schneider (, April 11, 2003.

The MV product line for Special Parts does not offer the rear deflector in Carbon Fiber. Ciao.

-- Gian (, April 11, 2003.

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