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Cincinnati World Cinema is searching for photographers or correspondents who have worked overseas, reporting on wars, other conflicts or major disasters. The theatre of combat is not important, but front-line experience is highly desirable. In addition to or in place of news org experience, this person may have worked with an NGO such as the UN or Red Cross.

We are assembling a panel to lead a discussion of the film WAR PHOTOGRAPHER, which will screen at the end of this month. If you know of someone interested in sharing their experiences with an interested audience, please respond by email and include names and phone numbers.


Tim Swallow

-- Timothy Swallow (cincyworldcinema@fuse.net), April 11, 2003



-- Allen Joelson (contact@pressAJphoto.com), February 27, 2004.

It is a bit late now, since I have only just seen this (19/8/04) but if you ever need anything similar, you may like to contact me. I was a combat cameraman for NBC in Vietnam in 1968. Before that I had been a photographer for either AP or UPI in South Vietnam, since August 1967 -- a total of 16 months in the country, before I left to go to study in the States (I am British).

Probably no good now, but thought I would offer...

Martyn G.

-- Martyn Green (kinabalu2000@hotmail.com), August 18, 2004.

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