"Florida Bound" Hamlet Station

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I cant find a Karsten site to appraise my limited print of this subject. I have #208 can you help me please and thank you kindly.

I was born @Hamlet station. My grandfather F. A. Case was yardmaster and planted the hedgerow that spells out Hamlet as you pull in the yard.

-- Ronny Downer (rondown@bellsouth.net), April 10, 2003


Ted, this is in reponse to your question about the timing of my print purchase. I first became aware of this print from the cover of the OBS book. I submitted the question to the Q & A of the Society on how to obtain this print. I have searched our website to no avail in an attempt to lock in a date. To the best of my memory, I got at least two responses. I was told that the artist had recently died and that chances were slim that this print could be found. I was given the Trainmaster Mont. info at which point I called the shop-again to be told that the artist had recently passed, but one print did exist. Amazed at the low price $69-$79, I ordered the print. Ir arrived a short time later in mint condition-obvious that it was new. Hope this will shed more light on said print. Please advise if any more info comes to the surface. Thanks, bob

-- Robert S. Lockhart (rsl@gel.com), April 22, 2003.

The Trainmaster of Montgomery closed its door for good last fall. They were still doing business on-line for a while, but since Christmas I've been unable to locate them on the web.

-- Tom Alderman (Topa12283@aol.com), April 18, 2003.

Very Interesting.......all of those prints were supposedly destroyed in a fire.....in which an insurance claim was paid out.......long ago......please correct me if I am wrong.........

You said that you bought the print AFTER Karsten died ????

-- Ted Strickland (tedstrickland@msn.com), April 17, 2003.

Ronny, I have the same print (#240) and it was purchased from TrainMaster of Montgomery shortly after the artist Robert Karsten died. It is my understanding that this shop was the exclusive agent for all Karsten art. You can contact this agent (shop) at 3641 Debby Dr. Montgomery AL (334) 288-5541. Hope this helps. As far as print value, I paid +- $69.00 for mine from the above agent. Please advise if you find mor info on this art. Bob

-- Robert (Bob) S. Lockhart (rsl@gel.com), April 17, 2003.

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