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Is it true, that if your're ex wife lives in the previous matriomonial home, where it was a joint mortgage,that the lender will repossess the house once the children have reached end of schooling. My husband is having trouble with ex wife and former property and wonders if this is true. Has 2 children, the youngest will be 16 in 4 years, ex wife doesn't work so Benefits Agency paying mortgage. My husband divorced 1st wife 5 years ago, still an ongoing sage of the property.


-- Nancy Hallas (nanhallas@hotmail.com), April 09, 2003


The Lender can and will repossess before then. I had two kids when they repossessed mine - both very young. Makes no difference at all.

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), April 11, 2003.

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