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Fact: This site is invaluable ... thank you.

Here`s the history: Mortgage via B and b in Sept 1990. Original sum was 38500. Got job in Holland March 1998 so put house on market. Valued at 44950. Outstanding mortgage at time was 41750. Went up for sale via local estate agent. No sale forthcoming ... family joined me in Holland in sept 1998, empowered my father with powers of attorney via solicitor. Reduced house price ... B and b would not allow sale price to fall below outstanding mortgage debt (probably not be able to prove this) and in short, house was repossessed. Months later, father contacted by B and b asking for my whereabouts. he replied he didn`t know. Father got solicitor to relinquish powers of attorney. We stayed in Holland until March 2002. Live in council house, ex-directory phone line, very careful not to arouse interest, fathers next door neightbour contacted by someone (probably a tracer) asking about me toward the end of last year. Neighbour said nothing (cheers Harry!). Signed on as unemployed March 2003 (this probably started it) and received letter dated 3rd April 2003 from Drydens solicitors (yes, it came second class post on Saturday morning) acting on behalf of B and B asking for nigh on 17k.

What I`ve done: Used the template provided by you to request SARN. the letter from drydens gave me a reference number and to contact only them. Letter is going in the post tomorrow morning, second class which is precisely 7 days after receiving first letter.

Doubts I have: I didn`t keep the envelope ... noticed advice here was to keep everything (whoops!) plus, do they really know it is me and the wife who are living at our current address? By sending them a SARN request, I myself am confirming this surely? But then again, I figure that even if it`s only an inkling, they`ll find out for sure anyway.

What I am prepared to do: Fight like hell. I don`t know precisely how much the house was sold for, but I`m sure it was between 28k-30k which is too cheap. I had house valued at nearly 45k and it was sold approx. 18 months later, so what was it`s real value then? I`m also ready for a fight. I`m unemployed and prepared to stay that way if necessary ... my dad is good to me and has told me to do this. I will do as much myself as i can but recognise that I may need a brief at some stage. No problem. I will also keep posting here to give a little back ... I`d donate but the cheque would bounce!!

Thanks for listening :)

-- Geordie (, April 09, 2003


Please post up details of the 'key' documents provided by your SARN - have you any copies of any court documents, Particulars of Claim, etc. ? Wait and see if they are included - if not ask for copies and of any resultant court order, warrant for possession.

Keep us posted. Boris

-- Boris (, April 19, 2003.

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