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I am currentlty in the process of starting up my own coffee shop located in burgettstown pa. I have figured out my which coffee i want to carry, equipment, location, menu,& design. I still need to know who i should contact about the legal side of it. What insurances do i need, health codes & safety regulations need to be met or followed? I am searching for the answers on the net but coming up empty handed. If anyone can help me, please contact me via email thanx for your help

-- Joshua Gagich (, April 08, 2003


ask the mayor of your town, also contact the county commisioner or equivelent. The state health department can tell you about the codes, insurances, etc that you will need to meet code.

-- Chad Smith (, April 10, 2003.

regarding the roste machine to buy will you send me your phone number of the company and we disscuse about it it`s better i think

-- wassim elyes (, May 21, 2003.

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