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I sit here in this class Just staring at the wall I think about times passed Like when i threw up in the stall

Most people don't understrand it And I feel they never will So i just lay back in my seat And I pop another pill

I feel it coming now It sneaks up pretty fast And then I hear a voice say Hey, this shit kicks ass

My pupils get real big And now I'm very awake All this music i dig Until I can't find my snake

It bothers me at first Then I decide I don't care My mind goes simply crazy When you run your fingers through my hair

Oh my god I'm so happy There's no way to make me mad The bridges, the music, these lights and sounds It all just makes me so damn glad

I spend the whole night driving Without an ounce of fear Because those cops can't touch me And my visions are completely clear

We ride around for hours And it seems like only minutes I start sewating showers Oh shit, I'm almost finished

I see the sun rising I guess it has to end They all say we wasted our night But we know the truth my friend

Now it's all over And I'm left so very tired I probablly won't make it so work So I'll likely get fired

But i dont get all bent I know it will all be ok Because I just spent my night living in ecstacy.....

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2003


such a grt poem, here is a better version:

I take a pill gievn from a friend. He says take it and u will do all u can. So i take it and soon fell the effects of blurring nite dancing and spectacular trance. I feel like i wanna throw up so i sit but soon c it is better 2 dance. The heat is coming and i soon feel it, all inside me like a heater. When all of a sudden i just stop, the e is taking over me. I fall 2 the floor all filled with convulsions. Feel my body shake as i rack in confusion. An inner pain of so much demise. The heat is rising i can feel it inside. Cooking my organs like fish on the fry. Soon i bleed from all over. My lips produce the reddish color. The worst hing ive ever felt is when my insides finally blelt! They blew up and r now dissolving from the stomach acid inside me. I bleed i shake and i scream in pain! Im rushed by the ambulance i tremble in fear. But i die on the way from internal bleeding and heart failure.

U think that E is good? it aint man dont risk it just leave it and dance the good dance without it. We need 2 keep Rave alive so letz help ourselves by stopping the xfloe. Peace Love & Rave. DESTROY THE E!!!

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2003

Why does everyone think they need to fuck themselves up on X to be a raver?

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2003

Hear is a poem I made up that should be the way of the Raver: Title: The Rave There is a place that some of us go Where all are friends and non a foe We all share this one love For the techno, the dancing, and the lights above We have this saying its called P.L.U.R. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect that's for sure Though all together there is one controller This is the DJ who makes your body solar By solar I mean light Which dances like people deep into the night You see the glow sticks in a trail of glow The ravers they dance with coordinated flow The government thinks they are making a stand Against drugs just to destroy our raver land The drug we came for in raver land Isn't what the government thinks but the music at hand So put on your rave shoes and come on down And listen to the DJ make that wicked techno sound

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003

I am done rolling I believe. I haven't done it many times but its more fun without it.

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2003

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