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Hey y'all! If you guys want LOTR sheet music, I suggest you to go to: http://www.8notes.com/forum/1_2340.asp?spage=1 (page 13).There's someone giving away some LOTR sheet music. Unfortunatly, it's only to 15 poeple.

5 first one: They get May it Be, Concerning Hobbits, Many Meetings.

5 next ones: They get May it Be, Concerning Hobbits

5 last ones: They get may it Be.

Hey, personely, I don't really care but when I saw the adds in here, well you thought some of you might be interested. By the way, I posted this message again because I amde so many mistakes in my other one I was afraid y'all couldn't read it.

PS: If you do want LOTR music sheet, I also suggest you guys to post your adds at the 8notes forum (same website posted above) sonce it's ONLY about LOTR music sheet. You never know, you might actually get something sonce you have more chances.

-- Catherina (canadian_chic@yahoo.ca), April 06, 2003


my mistake

sorry, still some mistakes

-- Catherina (canadian_chic@yahoo.ca), April 06, 2003.

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