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The Seaboard train station at Hamlet NC is scheduled to be moved tomorrow, 4 April. I understand it will be a big, spectator-attended project. Is anyone from the Society going and/or is anyone doing video coverage?

Jack McGowan Fort Pierce FL

-- Jack L McGowan (JLMCGMD@AOL.COM), April 03, 2003


Jack, I was there for the historic event - the next issue of Lines South will have a report, and perhaps we can get some still photos up on the web site soon as well. I'm afraid that video footage wouldn't have been too meaningful - the building literally inched along during the move, almost too slow to notice any movement.

-- Larry Goolsby (, April 08, 2003.

Go to In the eastern discussion board there is a message about this with some great photos. You might have to register as a member to get in but this is easy and it is a great site for future reference.

-- Jim Coviello (, April 05, 2003.

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