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Hi I just bought a 9speed MTB and have little biking experience and zero maintenance knowhow. In fact I'm perplexed by all these bike-related terminologies (chainring? bracket? etc) and components. Would be a big help if someone could let me know of any books or websites that has illustrations of a MTB anatomy, bike glossary & biking tips. Er..did i miss out anything?

Thanks mucho mucho!

BTW, I've been advised to lub my bike at least once a month. Is there any recommended lubricant I should use besides WD40? TQ ;o)

-- judogurl (, April 02, 2003



If you go to MPH in Mid-Valley Mega Mall, there are a few books on mountain bike maintenance which might be helpful. They're in the sports section. I'm not familiar with web sites that provide beginner instructions, but the Park Tools website provides excellent instructions for the home mechanic.

Try to lubricate the chain before every ride. Avoid relying on WD-40 for lubrication. Its main use is as a water dispersal agent. Some even advise against using WD-40 at all, since it might dissolve the grease in bearing parts. I use WD-40 on the chain and pivot parts of the derailluers after washing the bike to disperse water that would otherwise cause rust spots. Once the bike is dry, wipe the chain down with a clean dry cloth. Then apply a chain lubricant. There are generally 2 types: a wet formula that is more viscous (eg Finishline Cross-country), lasts longer but turns your chain black quickly and attracts dirt. I prefer the dry formula (eg Finishline Krytech, White Lightning, Pedros Ice-wax), which while less water-proof than the wet formulae, keeps the chain nice and clean. Ice-wax is great. Apply it drop by drop onto each link in your chain, and let the bike stand overnight. The next day, wipe the excess lube from your chain with a clean dry cloth.

It even smells nice.


-- Joe (, April 08, 2003.

Thanks joe. I found a couple of websites which I feel are rather helpful for MTB newbies esp this one:

It also contains a bike illustration and glossary! finally I see some light at the end of the tunnel! *hiaks*

Jst google it ;o)


-- Judo Gurl (, April 10, 2003.

i sincerely hope you got a good helmet along with that bike! a couple of other things i hope you won't mind my sharing with you... when braking, get into the habit of applying the rear brakes (you right hand brake lever) first. i've seen way too many bikers who endo-ed (ended-over-the-handle bar) in an emergency stop because they tended to favor the front brakes more... ride, ride, and then ride your bike some more! the more time you spend on it, the more familiar, comfortable, and confident you'll get. ride with friends or hook up with a good bike group... spending enough time on your new bike gives you a certain "feel" on how it runs. eventually you'll "feel" if something's out of whack and needs fixin'... have fun and ride safe! eric :)

-- eric reyes (, April 12, 2003.

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