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Hi! I am a guitar player and i desperatly need the stairway to heaven flute solo. I finally met a flute player that will play it for me! Can anyone please help?

-- Jordan (, April 02, 2003


I've tried so hard on this. I have it for clarinet, and I'm working on it by ear for flute. It's QUITE easy, but it's figuring it out.

1.) (starts after the guitar intro @ appx. 8-10 secs. timing is all) E----C----A----DEE 2.) then.... E--F#--AGFE EE--G--GAA 3.) then ....E-AGGF#ED-A-B-C-CDE--D--GAA (finishes at 52 seconds and then Plant starts singing)

There is a little more, but I'm working on that. This is all I got after 52 sec. A----Ab----G----B----Bb----GAA

but that's all I got. I'll keep working on it, and please, e-mail me frequently so you'll have it all.

-- Aidian (jeni18, June 02, 2004.

CORRECTION! Yay! Jordan, you're not alone. Many would love to get their hands on this, but, thay can only find the part up to when Robert Plant sings. Well, lucky-lucky you. Aidian with her closet of instuments has come to help! (wee!) Check it out!

\/----It's not C, it's A 1.) (starts after the guitar intro on the upper octave) E----A----A--- -DEE 2.) then.... E--F#--AGFE G-C----C----GAA 3.) then (fast!)....E-AGGF#ED-A-C-B-C---DE--D--GAA (finishes at 52 seconds and then Plant starts singing) 4.) A----Ab----G----B----Bb----GAA 5.) E----A----A----DEE 6.) (Really low) C----D----D----C----C D--E--D--(too low for flute) 7.) E-C-B-B-A-G-B-E GA--B--C--D-E---D---GAA 8.) E----A----A----DEE 9.) E----A----A----DEE (-end flute intro/solo-)

Note: some notes may be a little skewed, that is because it is organ, not flute, and it is a duet, so, if there was a chord, I'd do the pitch that makes the "mix" or concert tone. Please e-mail for comments or questions. I do believe it is 4/4 time, if not, I'm sure the flute player can get it down easy. I hope you have fun, meanwhile, I'll go off and celebrate my vast musical knowledge. C'ya 'round.


-- Aidian. (Jeni18, June 03, 2004.

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