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I have a question that is bothering me. I am my husbands second wife and have been researching all information on repossessions as he and his 1st wife have been in the same boat. They are currently taking his ex-wife to court claiming shortfall monies. (We are all working together on this by the way).

The query is this, we received the SARN from the Lloyds TSB and found that the MIG policy was NEVER claimed against. This was because (In their own files) the MIG policy couldn't be found and thatthe Mortgage offer couldn't be found and the Mortgage deed couldn't be found. Why where the documents missing and why have they never refunded the monies that were paid at the onset of the mortgage. Does this mean that there are monies still out there for us to claim against and/or get the premium back??

-- Well can't you guess?? (melissa.davey@ntlworld.com), April 02, 2003

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