ex wife refuses 30.000 equity and goes on benefit

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I am seperated and I have volantraly paid all of the mortgage over two years as well as my rent. We had an agreement prior to divorce but she found a partner and then divorced me and wanted the house sold. She stood to take 30.000 plus from the sale that was approaching completion.

I have got into debt trying to keep a roof over there heads, and was reliying on the capital to survive, I cannot afford to even carry on paying my share and now she has decided she aint budging and she is aware I cant afford it, and she doesnt care cos she wants to be rehoused anyway, as she is now claiming income support.

Her solicitor has asked me if i can go back to the old agreement and pay half until my 8yr old son is 18....I am now faced with going into mortgage arears as well as paying csa 20% of my wages. Do I have to keep the mortgage?....What can I do

-- tony malone (mavericone@aol.com), April 02, 2003


Response to ex wife refuses £30.000 equity and goes on benefit

First of all i would get yuorself down to your local CAB office and ask them. They can advise you on all aspccts you need and they are also FREE!!!!

Good luck and i hope everything is ok..

-- Cant you guess? (melissa.davey@ntlworld.com), April 02, 2003.

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