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Where can I purchase inexpensive boat paint online? Is Ebay good for buying marine paints for my boat or am I better off with an online marine supply store?

-- Mona Sue (, April 02, 2003


Dear Mona,

I don't know what your idea of inexpensive boat paint is as, in more than a quarter century of boatbuilding, I've never seen a good marine paint that I'd call cheap. Given the difficulty of finding quality boatbuilding/repair supplies, Ebay doesn't seem a promising place for a newcomer to begin. Some marine paints are really complex systems that demand proper handling in order to give satisfactory results. Some can cause serious health problems if not treated with respect. I would like to recommend Jamestown Distributors out of Rhode Island. They have an extensive line of marine paints at reasonable prices. They can also provide competent advice as to the correct choice and application of their products. You can reach them at

Good luck,


-- Andre de Bardelaben (, April 02, 2003.

Can you recommend a good quality paint that is expensive? I don't care about the cost, I want the best! Also some paints are not legal in the state of California, but ok in other states. Could you please clarify which ones are not legal here? If not let me know where I can go to find this information.

-- Mark Raphael (, October 15, 2003.

Dear Mark,

I'm afraid that I can't answer your legal questions. My recommendation to you is the same as above. Jamestown Distibutors offers a wide range of boat finishes. They can advise you on your project. Contact them at, phone 800 423 0542. Good luck.



-- Andre de Bardelaben (, October 15, 2003.

California is totally OUT OF CONTROL with so many fricken laws it's just pathetic!!! And at the same time their OWN state governed facilities (schools, maintenance ops, etc) are no where NEAR being in compliance with the very laws they inflict on the public!!! (ask me privately how I know THAT!) If I was you I would not give two hoots about what their laws are concerning paints UNLESS you are in the business! Much much easier to ask for forgiveness than permission ha ha. And environmentally if it meets federal standards and the overwhelming majority of all the rest of the states and countries why worry? Just don't advertise your intentions and there will be no worries ... read the instructions, follow the manufacturers advice , be careful, respect the environment and all the other yada yada yada DUHHHS! Having said all that you may run into problems getting shipments from a company that California has harrased ... or it might be as simple as clicking "I aggree" box where it says you are responsible for following all laws etc.

Doug public employee in California

-- Doug (, October 09, 2004.

Best and cheapest paint>>> is leftovers from other boat owners or boatyard painters. It can be as much as 90% copper compared to 75% since it settles while in use. Of course not all paints have the same bases so one must pay attention to the type of paint. Don't forget to charge 'em! Mention the deal they got considering it's disposal cost under EPA guidelines. (unfortunately colors may vary). I like organic paint myself! Never really tried it but it sounds great. Ya nebber know, I may miss that next payment and end up EATING MY BOAT!!!!!! (PautuUUUUUUUUuuii OOOOOOOOOWWEEE

Check West Marine 'cattle log' they have a brief run down on the three types of paint and their charictoristicses for free... I am scrapping all last years bargain paint off! It was togather to remove this ablative paint off this spring but I have a sail boat. What the fu,,, was I thinking, I cringe to think I put that crap on my baby's bottom.... "Oh well, it was 1/2 price" >>>>GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Anyone know a kid who wants to sand my boat and ruin his body (not mine)? Oh hell. maybe I should just do the new LIVER thing instead. Maybe Ebay ? If your from Berkeley don't reply (SORRY, I'm only in the market for a clean one...) Mistress II marina SF Ca

-- Will LeRoy (, January 02, 2005.

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