What is public art?

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What is public art?

-- Rosanna Adams (RosannaAdams225@hotmail.com), April 02, 2003


I think that public art only isn't in mordern times,maybe many people always like relate it with city and its community.in fact,public art elemently is related to public,it much means such as "mass,folk"."public" is not "class" words,but it don't mean that it inwardly includ no class,for exampal,anicent public art work often is created by artisr who belong some kinds of classes,and idea in these art works often reflect wills from ruler.above all,pubilc art often establish a concept of that society,of course,this concept perhaps isn't wills of mass.

-- ʿ (shixin_wu@sina.com), April 03, 2003.

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