Draining the Lake

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Does anybody know why the lake just downstream from Inspiration Lake is being drained? A couple of large pumps running 24 hours a day are sitting next to Main Street and just pumping away.

Curious on Massbury St.

-- Jim Hubard (Hubbard-james@dol.gov), April 02, 2003


City Manager Humpton asked that I respond to your question regarding the draining of Lake Nirvana (downstream of Inspiration Lake). Please forward this to any interested parties.

Lake Nirvana is presently being drawn down to a depth of approximately eight feet to allow crews to conduct improvements to the dam's drainage infrastructure, as required by the Dam Safety Division of the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). This work is to ensure the safety of the dam and is part of an established maintenance program.

As consultants for Classic Communities, Rodgers Consulting, Inc. has worked with Jim Arnoult, the Director of Gaithersburg's Department of Public Works, Parks Maintenance and Engineering to develop the approved engineering plans for the dam maintenance. In addition, Rodgers Consulting has contacted the necessary federal and state agencies and has received the permission to perform this work. The maintenance and repair work required by MDE and the City of Gaithersburg include:

1. A slow draw-down of Lake Nirvana to a depth of approximately eight feet to facilitate dam inspection and maintenance efforts; 2. A slow draw-down of Inspiration Lake by approximately one foot to accommodate emergency storage; 3. Repairing the drainage infrastructure in Lake Nirvana (following this work, the lakes will be allowed to return to their normal levels); 4. Installing an aeration system and control building to improve water quality in Lake Nirvana; and 5. Improving the concrete spillway and providing slope protection for Lake Nirvana.

In order to alleviate the impacts to the community and the environment, the work associated with the draw-down of both lakes, items 1 through 3, will begin on March 10, 2003 and is anticipated to be completed by June 1, 2003. The remaining minor repairs will be completed at a later date.

As our team works to improve Lake Nirvana, we would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation during this time. If you have any environmental questions, please contact Erica Shingara, the City's Environmental Specialist at 301-258-6310 or if you have any technical questions please contact Jim Arnoult, Director of Public Works, Parks Maintenance and Engineering at 301-258-6370.

----- Erica Shingara Environmental Specialist eshingara@ci.gaithersburg.md.us 31 South Summit Avenue Gaithersburg, MD 20877 (301) 258-6310 x171 Voice (301) 948-6149 Fax

The opinions expressed in this message are not necessarily those of the City of Gaithersburg Staff, Mayor or Council.

-- Bill Edens (wedens@dcoffiespace.net), April 02, 2003.

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