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I have about 800 arrears on my mortgage with abbey national I rung them last week to explain why and they accepted my offer of 60 per week but yesterday i recived a letter from a solictor say they was going for repossion on the house.I rang them up and they told me the 60 was ok but they would still be going to court to secure the deal but not to worry about it, I asked if I needed to go they said not really if I have work comitments, I then asked if I needed to fill in any forms they said no, This is worrying me will my house get taken of us if I don't turn up or shall I trust this man.

-- Tracey (, April 02, 2003


If someone wanted to take you to court, pay all those fees, what do you think about going or not. I would deffinately go, even if it is to ask the judge for more time once Abbey have put their cards on the table.

Court is the "last" resort, and under the Mortgage Code then they have to work with you in the first instance. It seems if you have come to an agreement with Abbey then why on earth are they taking you to court? Ask yourself that.

I would raise a few more questions with someone senior, and quote the mortgage code in case they have forgot.

p.s. Get a copy of the Mortgage Code you can ask your "un"friendly bank.


-- Geoff Winters (, April 02, 2003.


I would not trust this man at all. I would seek professional legal advice immediately, DON'T DELAY. If you don't turn up at the court case, and it is as the solicitor has written that they are going for repossession, you could lose your home as the judgment will, I believe, automatically go against you for not showing up. You can contact the CAB or NAMV for free advice. Never trust anything unless you've got it in writing and signed. Keep all their letters including envelopes in a safe place and also keep a written record of any conversations regarding this with dates and times. Have you received anything from the court yet?


-- M Amos (, April 02, 2003.

You can find the Mortgage Code on the CML website: cml/cml/live/en/cml/pub_info_code_part1

-- M Amos (, April 02, 2003.


I agree with Geoff and Mark. You need to have every single thing you agree with the Abbey in writing. Do not bother with telephone conversations, unless you are taping them yourself.

The words "mortgage lender" (or name of mortgage lender, whoever they may be) and "Trust" should not be used in the same sentence - EVER.

Good luck,


-- One Angry Mother (, April 02, 2003.


Write a recorded delivery letter NOW to the Abbey reconfirming the arrangements made by telephone. In addition you could e mail a copy of yur letter to them (just ask for an e mail address over the phone).

If you can't afford a Lawyer get down to your nearest Citizens Advice NOW.

Like everyone else, I would not trust the Abbey.

Don't panic.....but your home is at risk and I'm sure if you do follow the advice will be ok.

Take care and all the best.


-- hanging in there! (, April 03, 2003.

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