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Since purchasing the bike I have been unable (more often than not) to start it - The problem is that everytime i turn the ignition on the fans come on, on pressing the start nothing happens. The bike battery is fine and is connected to an opti-mate. The bike does have an immobiliser fitted. Seems like an electrical fault somewhere as every now and then it will start. When it does start the fans are not running when the ignition is switched on

Anyone got any suggestions before i spend money on it.??

-- roger (, March 31, 2003


Is the bike a 2002, If so, maybe take a look at the side stand connection. I believe the immobiliser is effected by the sidestand.

Do you hear the whizzing sound of the fuel pump?

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, April 01, 2003.

I too have the same problem. Mine is an early 2000 model. This has happened to me 3 separate times. The first time in my garage, turn key and fan came on would not start. I had the bike picked up by dealer and was told the computer was bad. They replaced the computer and all was well. It occured again this time at a gas station, bike would not start, had to have it piked up. Then this past Sunday I stopped at the bank and again fan only no spark. Of course it started to pour and I had to have my friend trailer the bike home. I called my dealer and he said if the fan comes on it means the computer is bad and the bike won't start. I disconnected the battery and the computer, reconnected them and what do you know it now starts. I have had it with this bike. I can't confidently go anywhere and shut it off . I told my dealer to pick it up and that I expected it declared LEMON and wanted full purchase price back or a new replacedment. Can't wait for my Ducati 999R.

-- Jason (, April 02, 2003.

Roger I have had a few electrical probs myself, I managed to solve it myself though as dealer technicians are never onto it with the electrics let alone having thorough knowledge of such a new and rear motorcycle,There are several reals that run the electrical system & They HATE water.The fan is driven by 2 relays a black box under the tail piece on the right side, also a smaller relay you have to unclip right side panel there is a smaller black box rubber bungied to the frame above left of radiator. unplug check for moisture and replace, try bike again if no joy remove both take to an Automotive Electrician and test them. I recomend removing all fairings front included as you will become familiar with how its laid out unplug all sockets and apply a smallfilm of silicon grease to sealing edges this will prevent any further probs, Make sure theyare reconnected properly and start bike befoe replacing fairings, MV Electrics seeem to be the downfall of an otherwise AWESOME motorcycle. I don't beleive that you will need to replace your computer! Let me know how it goes. Good luck Kiwi Bret

-- Bret (rat, June 07, 2003.

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