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My compliant is that most of the Karnatic Vocalists(except some one like MS) do not pronounce the lirics of a krithi properly, rather they sing distorted version of the sahithya. Bhava (emotion) expressed in a krithi is equally important alonside raaga and thaala.Bhaava of krithi comes with the lirics of a krithi. Most of the tamilian singers sing carelessly with out an iota of respect to the lirics of Telugu,Sanskrit and Kannda Krithis. Why don't they learn properly the Bhaava aspect of the Karnatic Music which is based on Bhakthi. Has not Saint Thyagaraja subg 'Sangitha gnanmu bhakthi vina' and Saint Purandara Dasaru has sung 'Tala Melagalidhu Premavillada Gana Kelano Hari Talano' means Lord Hari will not listed to the music without bhava and bhakthi even if it is rich in Raaga and Taala. Hope vocalists give due respect to the bhhava and bhakhi and lirics of each krithi they sing.

-- H.V. SURYANARAYANA SHARMA (, March 31, 2003


Dear Sharmaji The pronunciation part has to be well taken care of while singing n the musical phrases have to be in tune with the Bhava of the song.There r many singers who take utmost care among tamilians,kannadigas,keralites n telugus.I have no idea whether u heared Dr.Mangalampalli Bala Murali Krishna. With good wishes Prabhakararao

-- pingali surya prabhakararao (, April 01, 2003.

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