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I thought it was all over when I recieved some of the requested documents back from the bank who had repoed my house. They have eventually sold the property and although not at highest possible price - still an excess capital of over 10000 after costs and expenses! I was told that the extra capital had been sent to the banks solicitor. I contacted the sol and was told that there were 5 or 6 charges on land that needed cleared. I was not ever aware of any charges so I contacted the enforcements office who gave me a list of "charges". When I asked when these charges were registered I was given dates - fine except that most of them were registered after the property was repossessed - My new address is known to the enforcements office and all concerned but I have had no corresspondense from anybody about these charges. I have asked for this info in writing but have been told that I am not entitled to it. Now I am worried that the sol responsible for clearing these charges will help himself to another huge fee even though I have not asked for this work to be done for me. I had planned to clear all debts on credit file and believe that with 10000 I could have paid a slightly reduced amount and completly cleared every thing. Now I don't know what is happening. Any advice would be appreciated.


-- Dee (, March 30, 2003

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