lowering the cruising RPM

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Just sold my 996 and bought the MV F4 (2001 model factory exhaust lots of carbon extras, with only 66km on the clock)..

Love the bike immensely, best handling machine I've ever ridden!! Only one thing, I commute to and from work on the bike and find that on freeway stretches at between 110-120 Kmh it very noisy (booming noise from exhaust at around 4500 to 5000 RPM), normally this is great in traffic and at track. but its just at this speed range and unfortunately i travel at this speed a lot. I was thinking of increasing the front spocket size to lower the RPM and wondering has anyone else done this or is there some other way of getting the RPM down easily, (and reversibly for fun and track day's)

Any suggestions

Dave S

-- Dave Strahand (strazer@optushome.com.au), March 29, 2003


Your better option would be to install a quick change rear sproket kit. This will allow for easy change of the rear sprockets to achieve both desires.

-- Simon Newton (simon@americanchance.cz), March 30, 2003.

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