Q&C Shops, Ferguson, KY

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Does anyone have information or pictures of the Queen & Crescent shops located in Ferguson, Ky.? I'm looking for information to put a book together about the rails through Pulaski County, KY. Any stories, information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

-- William Carter (williamc@inrd.com), March 28, 2003


william, i am also looking for old pictures of the ferguson shops. my grandfather retired there, my father and 2 of his brothers worked there. i recently found a photography studio that purchased a lot of old negitives of the somerset,ky area. they are reproducing these pictures in 8x10 black and white for 6 dollars each. i purchased 4 pictures of the shops, one areal view. but none of the gate and flower gardens as you intered the shops. i would like to know if you have any pictures that you would be interested in sharing with me.the photography studio in somerset that has these pictures is:

rogers photography 209 e. market st somerset,ky 42501 800-869-3519 606-678-4304

i hope this has been of some help to you.

frankie cooper ferguson,ky

-- frankie j cooper jr (fjcooper@alltel.net), November 23, 2003.

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