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Does anyone know about the newest Thyssen TAC 60 or TAC 22? The TAC 60 is used on gearless and is very new. The TAC 22 is also very new and may be a new hydro control.

-- (, March 28, 2003


prob. another throw away elevator.with those great spechershu relays.

-- jag (, March 28, 2003.

Two years ago at an NAEC convention, one of my co-workers was told by a Thyssen mechanic that they were developing a controller that would operate both a hydro and a traction elevator. This controller was supposed to be called the Tac 60. I don't know how valid this info. is but, since it came from an actual Thyssen mech. I would think it has some thread of truth. As far as the Tac 22, I havn't heard anything about that.

-- Andy Englehart (, March 31, 2003.

At present ThyssenKrupp has not supplied the Tac 60 for modernization or new installation in my area. We have been informed that the product will be available very soon. Service and adjustors training has commenced at our training facility. There has been no direct comment by our organization that this is designed to be a multi task unit. I feel that this could be a possibility in the future, but the comment is without basis. We hope that it will be as succesful and dependable as the Tac 50 and TIV lines. They have been very reliable units.

-- James Holder (, May 06, 2003.

I donít know, as I have never seen one, but I was told that the tach 22 is a non-proprietary tach 20.

-- Bill B (, June 07, 2003.

Sure, Dover,,,I mean Thyssen, has empasesis on propiotary equipment. The Tach 20, and 60 will not suppont any windows based comm program like Hyperterminal.. you need there software on your laptop. Also, all feild funtions are serial link. I know nothing new right? but, the serial link is designed by "Echolon" of San Jose, Ca. It is very hard to trouble shoot.

-- mjm (, August 16, 2003.

I need the software for TAC 22 Controler,How To Get it ?

-- Ade Mohamad Yunus (, January 12, 2004.

So far we have only seen TAC 50-03 on traction units. No TAC 60 yet. The TAC 22 is a modernization controller. To my knowledge, software is only available through ThyssenKrupp.

-- Richard Orr (, March 19, 2004.

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