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In 1991 my house was repossessed by the Skipton and at that time I foolishly gave the keys back and agreed to pay a shortfall. The skipton have since obtained judgement against me and although I am paying them each month have now threatened bailiffs. I have not had a distress warrant issued against me yet though. I sent them a budget form but they are demanding my employers details and those of my wife. They are also demanding three months bank statements and details of my mortgage and its present position.

Do I have to them supply them with this information and what can a do about the threat of bailiffs ?

-- Mike Morris (, March 28, 2003


Was there a monthly repayment order made by the court?

-- Sue (, March 28, 2003.

Damage limitation is the answer here I would suggest.

They know where you are and thats the main issue to them.

You say your paying them each month, how much is the shortfall and how much are you paying them, if they did an income assessment would you be able to pay more?

Is there equity in your property? If there is then you need to keep paying, otherwise a caution wil be placed on it.

If the payment arrangemet was made in court then they need to take you back to court to hav it changed or reviewed, if not then they will need to take you back to court to get a further order, and to get the caution they need to get into court.

Either way you have the opportunity to get the judge on your side by showing a comittment to pay.

-- Jim Devine (, March 28, 2003.

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