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Members of the Society may be interested in knowing that my newest book - 'A Short History of Florida Railroads' - was released today by Arcadia Publishing of Charleston, SC. In it, I recount the major events and milestones of Florida's railway heritage, from inception in the 1830s to modern times. All significant roads and periods are touched upon along with key figures such as David Yulee, Sir Edward Reed, Plant, Flagler, Warfield, Henry Walters, etc. The book is compact in size and has 160 pages, 12 chapters, with approximately 110 images. It can be purchased through Arcadia (1-888-313-2665),, or through Barnes & Noble ( Suggested price: $24.99. My thanks to all who made this work possible, and I welcome your comments.

-- Gregg Turner (, March 27, 2003


The Society has ordered these new books for our catalog and they should be available for shipping within a week or two - our price will be $23.00 plus our standard shipping charge. Those of you familiar with Gregg's "Railroads of Southwest Florida" and his articles for Lines South know this will be another quality publication.

-- Larry Goolsby (, March 29, 2003.

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