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for sale f4 s replica "special parts" ,june 2000,18000 kms ,pictures on "",the price is 16000 (about 16000$)

-- dauly alex (, March 26, 2003


Why are you selling, just finished it building, or not?

-- hb (, March 28, 2003.

i'm selling it because it's finished,i'd like to work on another f4,certainely a biposto,but i'm interessed on a senna too!!!

-- dauly alex (, March 28, 2003.

What will you do to a Senna?


-- Victor Lee (, April 09, 2003.

nothing on the senna!! just working on a biposto ,on the senna ,there's nothing to do!! what's the price of your senna?

-- dauly alex (, April 09, 2003.

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