DV compatibility - Sony, Panasonic, Cannon?

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I have a GL1. I just returned from serving in the Peace Corps. I'm looking for a job and I want to put together a new reel. Most of my old stuff is on Beta right now. I want to dub it to MiniDV, so I can use my camera and firewire connection to edit it at home on my mac. My question is about compatibility. I remember once having a problem playing a Sony DVCAM tape in a Panasonic deck. I had to change some setting to get it to play. I was considering asking a friend of mine to dub the Beta tape to MiniDV tapes on a Panasonic deck, but I'm afraid the tapes won't play from my Cannon camera. Do you know anything about compatibility issues between Cannon and Panasonic?

-- Michele Hyde (mhyde@operamail.com), March 26, 2003


[from] http://www.adamwilt.com/DV-tech.html DVCAM plays back in most Sony DV VTRs excepting the DCR-VX700 and DCR- VX1000 camcorders which were designed prior to the introduction of DVCAM. With the exception of some recent (2001+) Panasonic and possibly JVC machines, DVCAM does not play back on other manufacturer's DV equipment. Check with the manufacturer to find out if your machine will play back DVCAM.

-- Thomas (greenspun-dated-1055368800.4e169a@stuph.com), April 30, 2003.

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