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I would be grateful on any advice on the following.

My case has gone through several hands at JDL Holdings.The newest is Don Lewis (managing director).

This is waht he has written:

When you refer to the morgage deed,are you in fact requesting morgage terms and conditions. I ahve enclosed a copy. I can confirm you have had all the info you are entitled too.If you are in communication with the data commisssoner,you will know that you are not entitled to my staffs details. I will not allow further litigation by corespondance.As i am quite experienced in the litigation process and what is required in court.

He goes on to say he is confident he can prove his case and will only hold action for 14 days.Unless we enter into serious negotiations. Very grateful for advice on next move David A

-- david armitage (karen@island44.fsnet.co.uk), March 26, 2003



The mortgage deed is the legal document that you signed to say that the lender has a legal charge over your property. You can see an example on: http://www.ucbhomeloans.co.uk/Broker/literature_zone.asp? doctype=L#EW3

The terms and conditions are usually in the form of a seperate booklet (but not always), you should not only have this but also the deed you actually signed. Have you asked for everything shown in the list under "What to do when lenders won't cooperate" on the repo Do's and Dont's?

Ignore this man's facetious comments and don't allow yourself to be intimidated.

Best wishes, Mark.

-- M Amos (idgroms@hotmail.com), March 26, 2003.


I have a letter from Land Registry. I quote:-

Dear XXXX,

Thank you for your letter of XXX.

Copies of mortgages retained by the Land Registry are classified as non-public documents and thus are not for routine issue under the Land Registration (Open Register) Rules 1991.

However, such documents may be issed if the applicaant can confirm in writing what they are, or they act on behalf of, a party to the mortgage deed. In addition a fee is payable of 8 per copy.

I hope this is helpful.


I originally wrote the Land Registry because the Halifax told me that is where old Mortgage Deeds are sent to when a property is sold on. I stated this in my original letter to the LR, along with the fact that the property had been repossessed, and therefore the deeds were now longer "live". One would assume that one or other of the two organisations would know what they are talking about (one would like to think LR do anyway). I never actually had need to write back and obtain a copy as the Halifax did promise to get the copy for me. It never materialised as we settled, so they obviously saw no need to fulfil this obligation.

Anyway, if JDL won't supply you with a copy, try getting one yourself, it will be another point in your favour if it does get to court. In fact if the deeds are in your favour, I think I would invite them to take action against you. I have to say it rather worries me that a man in charge doesn't even know the difference between a Mortgage Deed or Terms and Conditions, and is probably advising his staff wrongly as well. How the hell did such a first class plonker get to be Managing Director?

Good luck.


-- One Angry Mother (madcow678@hotmail.com), March 27, 2003.

I tend to look at all scenarios from both sides of the fence and give what I think is a fair assessment given the information at hand.


I have to say that your lucky your only dealing with Don Lewis and not his wife Jenina Lewis. She is the biggest.. anyway not much more info I can offer here other than the fact that JDL holdings are pretty hopeless, the best they can offer are golfing days for the mortgage industry and the last one I was invited to started off with Jenina saying "Do you know who I am", to which I promptly replied "No" and then walked off.

Anyway I know of 3 lenders who have now stopped using JDL Holdings as their shortfall specialists beasically because they are specialists in trying to frighten people and not being able to back up those threats with anything of merit.

Hang in their and dont be intimidated by them.

-- Jim Devine (anon@anon.com), March 28, 2003.

I am a journalist writing about the debtor collectors. I was interested in Jim Devine information on JDL Holdings and would like to hear more from him. He can email me directly or would he like to post more info anonymously on the site. Who, for example, are the three lenders who no longer use JDL? Thanks.

-- Sarah Jones (news_of_the_world@postmaster.co.uk), September 05, 2003.

Hi Sarah

I believe that you are writing about debt collectors and lenders.

Can you contact me either through email or on 01202 871 178, I may have some information that you may be interested in.

Many thanks


-- (gary_maund@talk21.com), September 05, 2003.

RE: News of the World posting

I would suggest people ensure that they check that the office/phone number the journalist is using matches the newspaper concerned and that they ring the newspaper concerned and check with the journalist's editor that they are working on this story.


-- M Amos (idgroms@hotmail.com), September 06, 2003.

Mark, your mixing up.

Sarah Jones ( News of World reporter) has only provided her email - and its a news of the world email address - so theres no problem there - she also offers that anyone providing info can use anon on this site if wanted.

The chap above wants the journalist to ring him.


-- fairer financial world (fairerfinancialworld@hotmail.com), September 06, 2003.

Yes, I meant to say check the email address, thanks. I had to post in haste. My point really is more general i.e. that people should check out it's a genuine request before giving personal information.


-- M Amos (idgroms@hotmail.com), September 07, 2003.


-- fairer financial world (fairerfinancialworld@hotmail.com), September 07, 2003.

SE JDL HOLDINGS LTD 1ST FLOOR, JACKPOT HOUSE 340-342 LONDON ROAD HADLEIGH ESSEX SS7 2DD Telephone: 01702 427300 Telefax: 01702 427301 Email: janina.lewis@virgin.net Web-site: donlewis@fsmail.net Services: ABT Areas: NATIONAL Contact: MR. DON LEWIS

-- a friend (wickedfluffster@hotmail.com), December 12, 2003.

Actually its not a "news of the world" address its a postmaster.co.uk address, the news of the world is the receipient.

This is an example of a real notw address...

ricky.sutton@news-of-the-world.co.uk (taken from their website)

Beware of this so called journalist.

-- John (sharky_john@hotmail.com), December 12, 2003.

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