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I have put a request before the information commissoner as JDL Holdings will not co operate with me.Does that hold up court proceddings David A

-- david armitage (, March 25, 2003



A solicitor has told me the following:

I have heard of a case that was adjourned pending the response to a SARN but can't remember the details. As the overriding objective relates to dealing with cases justly, I would have thought that an adjournment could be justified on this basis. Perhaps a disclosure order could be requested covering all documents covered by the SARN, although disclosure usually relates to specified documents.

I think I would contact the court and put this to them and see what they say.


-- M Amos (, March 26, 2003.

JDL are doing exactly the same with me, they will not answer anything and say they will now send the solicitors letter to me, I said fine, at least the court will make them answer my questions, and probably be extremely annoyed that JDL did not co-operate, so I will have probably have to wait another month before getting yet another holding letter from them !!

-- Alison (, March 26, 2003.

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