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We have just noticed that three of our four chickens have lumps on their right side breast. This doesn't seem to be worrying them , but wondered if they might be defficient in something, or as a result of eating a particular food. We feed them laying pellets, grain and food scraps, and they get into the garden every second day to get a fresh crop of bugs. Any suggestions. Do I need to be concerned about this.

-- Chris McGuire (, March 24, 2003


Are you sure they're on the side and not part of the crop? Well fed chickens can have a rather enlarged,'squishy' sort of crop that from a distance looks like a tumor or growth. If it's not the crop that's enlarged, but they're acting OK, then I'd just watch them, make sure they have grit-either boughten or able to peck it out of the ground and enjoy them. The only other think I could suggest is catch one and take it to the local County Ag extension agent and see what he/she thinks. Good Luck.

-- Kathy (, March 27, 2003.

I've got a chick that's also got a hard lump on its right breast. The lump is quite large. Feathers have grown on it as if it were normal. The chick is also having problems balancing, and I think it might be hearing impared. I really need some advice. Anni

-- anni (, March 12, 2004.

Kill the chicken and eat it for dinner it always helped me but now i have a large lump on my right breast im so sad. :(

-- Joey Jononamus (, August 05, 2004.

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