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Hey there peeps,

I guess it is next to impossible to get in touch with this guy, so Im gonna leave a few messages on the boards. I am Edward Lewis, and though the name alone might be a coincidence I am also the spittin image of Richard Geer. So I am just curious if anyone knows if there is a reason why he chose to use the name Edward lewis in the movie. I have noticed he has used the name Edward in a few movies. Can anyone tell me if he has ever acknowleged thast name in any way?I am just curious if we might be related and he might be familair with the name and thats why he used it. It is very eeire for people to watch his movies when i am with them becasue of the rsemblance, but you can imagine how eerie it is to actually watch Pretty Woman where he is also using my real name. I wonder if its possible that we might somehow be related?

-- Edward Lewis (, March 24, 2003

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