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Would like to hear from anyone who has installed a pvc liner where water in the hole prevented pvc liner from sinking to bottom of hole. What was your solution to the problem? Thanks.

-- Jim Boxmeyer (, March 23, 2003


Fill the PVC with water to sink it. Secure it in position and then pump the water out.

If there is "muck" at the bottom, use air pressure to "jet" the PVC cylinder down (direct the air to the right spot via conduit).

-- John Brannon (, March 24, 2003.

Is the pvc empty or is the cylinder in it? If it floats while empty I have put the liner on while still laying down. You can also fill it with Glycol which is a fluid that is not required to be removed unlike water. If you are screwing a cylinder together use a clamp on the bottom part to keep it from falling and screw the top to it. Make sure you dont make a torpedo out of it. The weight of the cylinder always lowers the pvc to a working height untill the rest is lowered on to the pvc. If the cylinder floats it can be filled with hydraulic fluid to drop it down.

In the past I have seen a dif company lag the cylyinder down with 2x4s. That is not something I would recomend to anyone. It looked like a very dangerous situation. Also I have seen them fill the pvc with water and it was caught during the inspection (had to remove the water).

Are you sure the hole is deep enough? That has happened to me before as well.

-- Hicks (, March 25, 2003.

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