about deportation and how to avoid

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1. For the first offense of domestic violence, can INS deport you? 2. By having no criminal record before this incident would it make the situation he's in now wrong? 3. Being 22years of age and spending 21 years here in the United States is that close to being a citizen or have anything to do with a citizen? 4. If legally admitted into the U.S.A as a refugee, can he be deported? 5. A status in 1967 protocol for refugee stated that the government can't send a refugee back to the country he/she was trying to fled so could that stop the deportation? 6. Who can we contact for help and information? 7. As a father of two young children that are U.S citizen does that support him in any ways? 8. Should family member or next of kin received any notification or information about deportaion hearing directly from an official? 9. Can anyone appeal the hearing? 10. What can we do to help him? 11. If U.S.A. have always been your home,Would they deport you to a country you have no recall of?

-- chai saelee (chai@mercedmein.com), March 23, 2003

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