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GOOD DAY TO ALL AGUSTA OWNERS,have any of you got any of the follwing parts for sale? I need: TANK, ALL PLASTICS,MIRRORS, HEADLIGHT, BRAKE CALIPERS, DASH CLUSTER, COMPUTER CONTROLL BOX, LEVERS(CLUTCH&BRAKE), HARNESS I dont mind buying used parts, a bit banged up even as i can repair them. My bike was recovered and I would like to rebuild it. Please let me know. Thank you.

-- john lawson (, March 23, 2003


I have a few used parts for sale; some fairings: nose, mono seat & belly pan. I also have a stock header & slip-ons. The parts came from a 2001 F4s that was converted to the Special Parts Kit.

Please follow this link for more info & pictures:

-- Andrew Randazzo (, March 23, 2003.

i'd like to have thr following from you please: LH & RH Lower Tank Fairings Wire Harness Covers Belly Pan Headlight Fairing Mono Seat Fairing Is there anyone else with the rest of stuff that you know of? Battery Tray RH Air Duct LH Air Duct Seat Cushion Pillion Seat Cushion License Plate Holder Key Guard LH Side Fairing RH Side Fairing Fuel Tank Air Box IS THERE ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE with these parts?

-- john lawson (, March 23, 2003.

I have the original seat (I bought a Tecnosel replacement), minus the cover, in perfect condition. I also have 2 front fenders: One is the original, the other is a Casoli red/silver vented carbon. If you're interested in any or all of these, make me an offer.

-- Brad Cowell (, March 24, 2003.

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